About Us


Who is MotoConnect?

Hero UAE is represented by Moto Connect Motorcycle and Spare Parts Trading LLC in UAE, it is formed as a limited liability company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The company is the sole authorized dealer of Hero Motocorp representing sales, service and spare parts for Hero branded motorcycles in UAE. We also specialize in export of motorcycles, spare parts, accessories and automotive solutions amongst the wide range of business activities in the purview of business.

The company has started its operations to sell, service, lease and export motorcycles to retail and export customers. Our endeavor is to secure market share for Hero branded motorcycles in UAE and further expand our footprint to various import markets in Africa for offering two wheeler mobility solutions.

Our Purpose

We always place our customers first. This is our anchor as we strive to deliver the highest standards of excellence and create ever-lasting relationships by offering memorable, value-added experiences for our riders, fleet owners and contractors alike.

Our Mission

To ensure value for our customers, Joy for our users, opportunities for our partners and solution for our vendors and suppliers.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark that others aspire to match. To achieve our goals by exceeding the expectations of our customers and associates.

Need help?

Hero MotoCorp is committed to not only enhancing the customer experience through its products, parts and services but is also focused on reducing the total cost of ownership of a 2 wheeler.The pursuit thus includes the costs of acquiring, installing, using, maintaining and replacing a product. To fulfill this very objective, the entire HGP portfolio despite its highest quality standards is priced in an affordable manner to lower the parts replacement cost of our customers.


A spark plug is one of the essential components in the ignition system. The electrodes of the spark plug wear out due to repeated discharge of high voltage and corrosive oxidization due to combustion, causing the plug gap to gradually increase. Generally it is recommended to replace the spark plug once in every 12000 kms, as it deteriorates by this time. Prolonged usage of such a spark plug will result in starting trouble, misfiring, lack of power and higher fuel consumption and emissions.
The Air Filter, filters the particles and dust in the intake air to protect the engine parts. It generally gets clogged over a period of time due to particles and dust over prolonged usage. Hero MotoCorp vehicles basically have three different types of air filter, they are, Polyurethane wet type, Dry Paper and Viscous Paper type. The Polyurethane and dry paper filters require periodic cleaning. Polyurethane requires replacement once it is damaged where as Dry Paper Filter requires replacement once in every 12000 km. Viscous type does not require cleaning and replacement is recommended once in every 15000 km. More frequent cleaning or early replacement may be required when used in dusty condition.
A Fuel Tube is a joint through which continuous flow of fuel takes place from the fuel tank to carburetor. Generally 4 year is the average replacement time recommended for a fuel tube. In exceptional cases like unattended vehicle for over 6 months or more, fuel Hose need to be replaced. A continuous flow of fuel deteriorates fuel tube due to high volatility of petrol internally and it starts leaking from fuel tube joints indicated by fuel smell.
Continual use of engine oil severely takes away its ability to ‘lubricate’ and ‘clean’, making it impossible to maintain normal engine functioning. Generally, Engine Oil replacement should happen once in every 6000 kms with a top up at every 3000 kms. If the above schedule is not followed, it may lead to poor performance and fuel economy indicated by engine overheating and an increase in noise levels. In extreme cases, it may eventually result in total engine failure leading to expensive and time consuming repairs.

General FAQS

To meet ever evolving customer aspirations, we are consistently strengthening the entire network of customer touch points to respond to changing realities. HGP are distributed through an extensive network of more than 75 parts distributors, 800 authorized dealers and 1150 Authorised Service Centres across India and in over 18 countries through 6000 + touch points across the world.
The friction discs are generally constructed of aluminum plates with a friction material pasted on them. They transmit the power from the engine to the transmission by friction force with the clutch plates. CFD (Clutch Friction Disk) wear out over a period of time, and should be replaced when the wear exceeds the service limit. The first indication of a CFD wear out is the kick slippage during kick start with vehicles having primary kick starting (All models in 100cc & 125cc category).
An excessively worn chain may not mesh consistently with the sprocket resulting in cam chain noise and reduced performance. In extreme cases the chain may break, resulting in major engine damage and a threat to the rider’s safety. HGP Cam chain Kit is designed to withstand highest order of stress during engine operation. It also enhances the engine efficiency. For further assistance, kindly visit your nearest Authorised Workshop.